All About Music Recording Studios


As the name implies, a music recording studio is a special place where music is recorded and mixed. The structure is designed acoustically to get the desired musical output. There are lots and lots of music studios where music s being produced on a continuous process for movies, bands, television programs, commercials, and voiceovers. All music recording studios in Sydney have the live room or the enclosure where artists give their performances. They also have a room for the sound engineers where they record and edit sounds. Often these studios have isolation boxes that house drums or guitars so as to prevent other sounds from interfering.

Specialized equipment in a music recording studio

Set of rooms for specialized functions allow for recording of sounds with great precision. However, the importance of equipment inside music recording studios can never be underestimated. The most important equipment inside a music studio is as follows.

DAW or the digital audio workstation
Music workstation
Mixing console
Multitrack recorders

DAWs and special recording hardware
High powered computers have become a necessity in music recording studios these days. This is because much software can be downloaded and used with the help of these computers. In fact, computers can replace many of the equipment and accessories used inside a music studio such as synthesizers, devices for sound effects, mixing consoles, and recorders. In fact, a computer that is designed to perform in a music studio is termed a Digital Audio Workstation. One program that has become industry standard when it comes to audio recording is FL Studio. Despite the help these DAWs provide during sound recording, specialized hardware for recording has become very prominent these days. This is the reason why a computer with high specifications is less of a priorityfor music recording studios.

Project studios and their limitations
Many professional artists set up studios at home with specialized features and functions. These studios are tailor made to suit their requirements. There are many people who set up these studios as a hobby. The trend of these personal studios, also called project studios, started in mid 80’s whencompanies started to produce microphones and synthesizers. These studios continue to remain popular among aspiring artists as prices of MIDIs and other music equipment have fallen sharply in the last few years.

However, despite the craze for project studios, artists look for professional music recording studiosas it is very difficult to record loud musical instruments such as drums and guitars at home. Controlling the sounds of drums and guitars requires specialized equipment and accessories which is available only in standard music studios.

There are some music recording studios where musical instruments are played if the artist does not have a band to play them. These studios arrange professional musicians to play instruments like drums, guitars, and keyboards and even produce sounds that are desired by the artist.

Different music studios charge differently and while some studios offer their services of a price as low as $40 per hour, the prices can run in hundreds of dollars if hired on a daily basis.

How Organizers Can Save Money On The Entertainment Bands


When organizing for a wedding or any corporate entertainment, the budget is the first consideration. This is because most bands and artists charge a lot of money during such events and organizers might find spending more money on the music band than other essentials such as drinks and foods. Therefore when consulting with the band booking agents, it is important to consider certain factors that will be a base for negotiation. Most bands will charge for the time and the services they will be providing. They will argue to be paid for every second they will be present, and this can also be determined by the season of the Event.

There are the peak seasons, such as during the Christmas holidays, Easter holidays or during the summer, the bands tend to charge at a higher cost compared to the off peak season,. Therefore the first thing when planning for an event such as a wedding day is on the off peak season. The main reason why bands charge more during peak seasons is because they are mostly busy as almost everyone is planning for an event. They won’t therefore offer any deal or special discount as they are in demand. Also during off peak season the venues will charge less and it will be easy to decide on the date of the event compared to the peak times. More guests might also be able to attend.

Any event organized for a whole day or night will require different services for maximum entertainment. There will be need for deejay services, dancers and so on. People sometimes decide to invite more than one set of bands, the dancers, and other comedians which implies that they have to incur more travel cost and also more pay. However there are bands that incorporate all this service. They have a singing band, a dancing band and also their own deejay on the decks. Getting such a band will save on several costs and can be a means for negotiation. A band with all these services will be much easier to handle in terms of the space and the providence, the payments and the communication. Apart from these, since bands provide background music within the event, they usually have their own free deejay. This implies that there will be no need to hire a separate deejay and pay them separately. This will also reduce on the cost of planning for the event. Get to know available bands for entertainment in an event, see this page

The time the band will be waiting to perform should also be reduced. For example is a wedding band is scheduled to perform from 8 in the evening, and then there is no need for them to arrive too early as they will end up charging for the time. Once they have set up their equipments, they can be allowed to go away ad com back at the appropriate time. Also in order to save on the travel costs, it is better to book the local artists and bands.